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Smoking • Tobacco


If you smoke cigarettes, cigars, pipe, chew tobacco or hookah, you are more likely to have periodontal disease than those who do not use any type of tobacco.


Smokers are about 4 times more likely than “never-smokers” to have advanced periodontal disease.

They have more plaque, calculus, periodontal destruction (bone loss, gum recession, tooth loss), bad breath, loss of taste and smell, stained yellow teeth, mouth sores, black hairy tongue and higher risk of oral (mouth, lip, tongue) cancer.

The detection of periodontal diseases is often more difficult in tobacco users.
This is because nicotine and other chemicals in tobacco hide the symptoms (bleeding) and consequently the necessary treatment may be delayed.

The periodontal disease is more likely to progress faster, healing
following therapy may take more time, complications increase, results that are less predictable and there is less success with periodontal treatment and dental implants.

This is mainly due to the fact that s
moking and tobacco contain more than 4000 different toxins, reduces the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the gingival tissues and weakens the defense mechanisms leaving tobacco users more susceptible to infections like periodontal disease.

Cigars and Pipes:

Studies have shown that this type of tobacco has the same adverse effects as cigarettes.

Smokeless Tobacco (Chewing Tobacco):

The nicotine a person gets by holding an average-sized dip in your mouth for 30 minutes is equal to smoking 3 cigarettes.

Chewing tobacco increases the risk of oral cancer by about 50 times.

Some brands are also heavily sweetened with sugar, which promotes tooth decay.
In addition the tobacco contains gritty material which can wear down the tooth surface.


Studies show that the inhalation of toxic substances through a hookah pipe (smoking filtered out by water) is similar to or even greater than that of cigarette smoking.


The good news is that a study has shown that quitting smoking can gradually reduce the high risk of periodontal progression.
This study showed that 11 years after quitting former smokers was equal to never-smokers.

It also reduces other medical risks of lung and heart disease, cancer and reduces expenses in general.

Ask your physician for help and information on tobacco cessation programs.

Take one step closer to periodontal health.


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